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1) Has there been strong demand for Investec's High Net Worth mortgages recently?

The last 12 months have seen us receive record levels of new lending and despite the Pandemic the housing market and our clients have been very active.

2) Are you mostly funding purchases, or are there remortgages going through as well?

The majority of our new business has been in the purchase market but we have still seen strong levels of remortgages too.

3) Is there a particular type of client you are providing mortgages to at the moment? ie business owners, entrepreneurs or bankers.

Our business has been evenly split in sectors across the market but we have always had a particular expertise in the Financial Services and Entrepreneur space.

4) Can you help wealthier buyers purchasing country homes or unusual properties?

We have certainly seen marked trends of clients looking to move out of London to the Country. We consider each case individually and are very much client lead so country homes or unusual properties are often areas we are will consider.

5) Do most of your clients opt for interest-only?

The majority of our clients require interest-only options but as we have already discussed we tailor each case to the client’s needs on a very bespoke basis.

6) What is Investec's basic qualification criteria?

We look for clients who are active wealth creators with a minimum primary income of over £300,000, and ideally Net Assets of £3m. Whilst the income requirement is essential the asset requirement can be flexible.

7) What is the most distinct mortgage your team has provided for a client recently?

Most of our mortgages are distinctive compared to retail lenders, due to their size, complexity, structure and or the client’s financial circumstances. I would say our most unique ones are where we take multiple securities, with major building works to be undertaken in a complex structure.

8) What are the benefits of using a private bank, rather than a high street lender?

As we mainly serve clients in the High Net Worth sector, we really understand their requirements and can service them very effectively. We pride ourselves on our client experience and ability to offer truly bespoke lending solutions that our clients cannot receive elsewhere.

9) Can you act quickly if a client needs a fast mortgage offer?

Service is one of our key differentiators and although complexity is par for the course so is speed of service, which we often are required to provide.

10) Do mortgage brokers (like Trinity Financial) introduce many clients to the bank?

Mortgage Brokers are a very strategically important part of our business. They provide a whole of market advice platform and our clients rely on tier expertise and knowledge. Our relationship with Trinity Financial is one such key example of this practise working so effectively.

Peter heads up the Intermediary Business Development team at Investec Private Bank and has worked with mortgage intermediaries for the last 25 years

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