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Mortgages over £1 million

£1 million+ mortgage rates available below 4.25%.

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How much would a £1 million mortgage cost?

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If you're looking to borrow £1,000,000 over 30 years with an interest rate of 4.25%, that could cost you £3,541.67 per month on an interest-only mortgage. This rises to £4,919.40 per month on full capital repayment.

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Trinity Financial can help you access highly competitive mortgages of over £1 million now that there is unprecedented growth in seven-figure prime properties. 

Each of our expert brokers understand that clients who are looking for larger mortgages of over £1 million now often receive their incomes in more complex ways, such as through investments or trusts. They may also be paid large bonuses, draw dividends or have fluctuating incomes. They also often require more generous income multiples plus lower deposit mortgages. 

Trinity Financial provides a fast, consistent and quality service to ensure that we always find the best mortgage to suit your circumstances. 

How much are the £1 million+ mortgages? 

Many lenders are providing their most competitively priced rates to wealthier clients who are looking for larger loans. As a result, it is possible to secure £1 million+ two-year mortgages priced below 4.25% and five-year fixes at 4%. 

To access the lowest rates, borrowers will need a larger deposit, but there are also some mortgages available if you have a 10% deposit.  

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Mortgages over £1 million

Wealthy clients often struggle to find the right mortgage, particularly when buying valuable UK property. Trinity's specialists constantly arrange £1 million+ bespoke mortgages and open up the market to them.

Clients are welcome to meet us at our offices in St James's or Islington, central London, or we can come to you. Then, it is possible for us to continue to manage your mortgage application over the telephone. 

Call Trinity Financial on 020 7016 0790 to secure an over £1 million large mortgage loan. 

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

Interest-only can be a valuable alternative to full capital repayment if you want to keep your monthly mortgage payments low.

At least 50 banks and building societies provide interest-only, and many of these lenders offer £1 million+ interest-only mortgages. 

The lenders are keen to attract wealthy borrowers, so more interest-only options are available with the sale of the property as the repayment vehicle.

There is not generally a premium to pay for interest-only, so the rates are the same as the capital repayment mortgages.

Trinity Financial has access to a range of lenders providing £1 million+ buy-to-let mortgages.

Some banks and building societies cap their maximum buy-to-let mortgages at £1 million, while some have £2 million limits. 

Trinity Financial's brokers have access to the key decision-makers at the largest lenders and private banks. They get mortgages agreed on the best possible terms quickly and efficiently.

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate most Buy to Let Mortgages

Banks and building societies use mortgage affordability calculations to determine how much you can borrow.

Some high street mortgage lenders provide five times single or joint income mortgages, so applicants typically need to earn around £200,000 to qualify for a £1 million mortgage. 

More banks provide 5.5 times salary mortgages for higher earners and professionals, so single or joint applicant(s) would need to earn around £185,000 to qualify for a £1 million mortgage. 

For applications where borrowers earn over £100,000, it is possible to borrow up to six times their salary, but the rates will be more expensive.

Certain banks and building societies will accept income paid in foreign currency. This includes US dollars, Euros, and Swiss Francs.

Other accepted currencies include: Australian Dollar, Bulgarian Lev, Canadian Dollar, Croatian Kuna, Czech Koruna, Danish Krone, Hungarian Forint, Japanese Yen, New Zealand Dollar, Norwegian Krone, Polish Zloty, Romanian Leu, Singapore Dollar and, Swedish Krona.

Some lenders will factor in currency fluctuation and take a "haircut", so the amount you can borrow may be reduced.

Trinity Financial's brokers have access to a range of lenders offering high-net-worth clients offset mortgages.

These mortgages are outstanding for those receiving more significant bonuses or commissions because of the reduced interest you pay. You can also reaccess the funds if you need them. 

Offset mortgages tend to be more expensive than standard ones, so borrowers will pay more, especially if they do not use the facility. 

Most banks and building societies allow borrowers to repay 10% of their outstanding mortgage balance each year without charge. They would need to reapply to their lender to get the overpayments back if required, which can be challenging.

Some lenders offer £1 million+ mortgages without early repayment charges.

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