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Private Bank mortgages

Private Banks are working harder to attract wealthier borrowers.

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How much would a £1 million mortgage cost?

Aaron Strutt

If you're looking to borrow £1,000,000 over 30 years with an interest rate of 4.25%, that could cost you £3,541.67 per month on an interest-only mortgage. This rises to £4,919.40 per month on full capital repayment.

Million-pound mortgages & million-pound calculator

Trinity Financial use Private Banks to arrange multi-million-pound mortgages for wealthier clients, typically buying or remortgaging prime properties in London and the south-east of England.  

Our contacts at Private Banks enable us to provide clients with bespoke mortgage solutions not available through high street lenders. 

Competition in the private banking world has increased, with private lenders even more keen to attract new clients. Mortgage pricing has improved as high street lenders are targeting larger loan size mortgages.  

How Trinity Financial can help arrange a Private Bank mortgage?  

Trinity Financial has developed extensive relationships with leading private banks and we understand their individual acceptance criteria. Many private banks we work with have £1 million+ minimum loan sizes for which they offer highly competitive terms. 

What private banks do differently from high street lenders

Private banks provide bespoke mortgages that are not available through standard lenders. They consistently help those borrowers seeking larger loans who are often paid in foreign currencies or receiving large bonuses. They can also provide lower deposit mortgages on interest-only, providing you have sufficient income.  

Do I need to provide assets under management?  

Trinity Financial is increasingly working with private banks not requiring clients to provide assets under management. 

Some Private Banks will still ask for up to 30% of an agreed mortgage amount in assets to be transferred as part of the deal, although we have access to many banks whose terms are not so strict. They do not ask for assets to be transferred as part of the transaction. 

In many cases, wealthier borrowers with assets are keen to speak to private banks about transferring assets to manage, particularly if they can get better returns on their worldwide investments.  

In summary - Private Banks will offer mortgages to applicants if:  

  • Your remuneration income is more complex

  • You require a Large Mortgage Loan  

  • You receive income through a trust or investment portfolio  

  • You are a foreign national or expat  

  • You want an Interest-Only or bonus income mortgage 

Many Private Banks are based close to our offices in Mayfair and this is particularly useful if you need a deal to be arranged quickly. We offer a discrete and efficient service.  

Call Trinity Financial on 020 7016 0790 to secure a mortgage from a leading Private Bank. 

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

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Trinity Financial has access to a range of private bankers who consistently help our high net worth clients purchase multi-million-pound properties in prime central London and around the UK.

Once we have the information required such as income and expenditures, deposit size, property details, and a general understanding of their overall situation, our brokers approach the most suitable lenders.

These banks consistently issue flexible and efficient mortgages while working with clients on an individual basis.

Having built up a long-term network of trusted and reputable private banks in the UK, Trinity Financial's brokers are in a prime position to help buyers access bespoke mortgages not available on the high street.

Flexibility is an additional factor many high net worth clients seek when it comes to larger mortgage loans. Fortunately, private banks can offer higher loan to values mortgages and often more generous mortgages than the high street banks and building societies.

Most mainstream banks cap lending above £1 million to 85% loan to value. A private bank, however, can lend 90%, and potentially up to 95%, of the property value for the wealthier clients.

If applicants can demonstrate that they are in the right financial position, then the private bank we introduce them to will offer a more flexible approach than a high street bank. Hence, private bank lenders vs high street lenders can provide both a more personalised service and more flexible lending terms.

Private banks often offer very good service. They aim to provide flexible and accessible mortgage products for wealthy clients, but they also provide high-quality, discreet, and professional services.

Yes, it is possible to get a private bank mortgage if you are based outside of the UK. 

Most private banks have international departments and they are keen to attract foreign nationals living in the UK or overseas.

Trinity Financial's brokers have access to a number of lenders that consider both non-standard forms of income to non-UK residents buying homes or investing in the UK property market.

Interest-only mortgages are popular with high net worth individuals and are constantly provided by private banks. These mortgages may help borrowers free up cash for other investments, businesses or family members. 

Some private banks can issue interest-only mortgages up to 90% of the property value or through part and part mortgages where some of the loan is on capital repayment. 

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