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Most of the bridging lenders that initially found it impossible to trade when the coronavirus hit are back in business and providing finance. 

The leading bridging providers, including UTB, Shawbrook and LendInvest, have been providing finance for borrowers in a hurry to buy homes while they are waiting to sell their home or raising funding for business purposes.   

Trinity Financial has access to one of the biggest lenders in the bridging market, and it recently launched a 0.48% per month rate up to 50% loan-to-value. It has a 2% completion fee, and it is available for loans between £125,000 and £5,000,000. The price gets marginally more expensive for those with smaller deposits. 

Our brokers also have access to a private bank offering £1 million+ bridging loans and the rate is typically 2% over the Bank of England base rate. It has a 1% arrangement fee and no early repayment charges. The lender calculates interest daily and can do higher loan-to-values. For many larger transactions, this product is hard to beat. 

What are bridging loans used for?

Data from the Q2 2020 bridging report produced by MT Finance shows this is the sixth consecutive quarter that investment property purchases took the top spot for uses of bridging loans, followed by funding for traditional chain breaks.  

The report highlights the average loan-to-value was 44% for unregulated loans and 56% for regulated loans, while the and the cost of the average bridging loan increased to 0.85% per month. The typical term was 12 months, and it took an average of 50 days from application to completion. 

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What are the main reasons the lenders accept bridging loans?
  • Bridging the gap of funding between the purchase of a new property and the sale of the old home.
  • Raising working capital to renovate the property.
  • Downsizing.
  • Portfolio restructuring to release equity. 
  • Term facility repayment.
  • Asset purchasing and refinancing. 
What are the key features of many of the bridging loans available?
  • FCA regulated and unregulated loans. 
  • 1st and 2nd and combination charges on residential and buy-to-let properties.
  • Residential and mixed-use security property. 
  • No upper age limit so lenders are happy to provide funding to older borrowers.
  • Interest calculated daily rather than monthly.
  • Rolled interest facility to there are no monthly repayments to help reduce costs.
Is it possible to secure rebridging loans?

Trinity Financial has access to lenders providing rebridging loans where the original loan intention was successfully carried out but more time is required to achieve the ultimate exit. 

This includes the purchase and refurbishment of a property that’s now completed and on the market for sale. Also, where planning permission has been obtained on a property after the acquisition, and funding is required to carry out the refurbishment.

We were recently approached by a client who was looking for funding to rebridge a loan his existing broker had arranged and he was told it would not be possible to provide him with alternative finance. Trinity's broker referred him to a commercial lender and secured him a low Bank of England base rate tracker with low setup fees. The client owned a shop with a buy-to-flat above in London and was relieved to reduce his monthly costs.


Is it possible to arrange £1 million+ bridging loan quickly?

Specialist bridging finance lenders can provide fast funding to purchase property or repay development finance. 

One firm Trinity Financial has access to recently completed a £2.5m loan to refinancing a recently refurbished £3m residential development scheme in central London.

The property, originally two terraced houses, had been developed into eight flats and the loan was processed from start to finish in just ten days.

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