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NatWest has been extremely busy processing mortgages since the coronavirus hit and the bank is taking an average of 21 days to produce offers. 

Trinity Financial consistently arranges residential and buy-to-let mortgages through NatWest for Intermediaries, and our brokers have access to their application systems. 

Our advisers are getting mortgages in principle produced quickly and applications submitted, so our clients do not have to wait for an appointment through a branch. 

Aaron Strutt, product director at Trinity Financial, says: "If you are looking for a mortgage through NatWest it may take longer than normal and you may not be successful if you are self-employed. The bank is still offering some great rates and our brokers have access to the large mortgage loan team which provides a bespoke service so we can help wealthier clients." 

Borrowers currently need to have a deposit of at least 15% to qualify for one of NatWest's fixed rates. 

Call Trinity Financial on 020 7016 0790 to secure a NatWest mortgage or submit an enquiry 


What is NatWest's maximum age for mortgage borrowers?

The maximum age at the end of mortgage term is 70. 

Will NatWest use bonus income for mortgage affordability purposes?

NatWest will consider guaranteed bonuses using an average of the last two years' payments and take 100% of it for mortgage affordability calculations. If there has been a decline in the latest year's bonus the bank may use 100% of the most recent year's bonus.

NatWest will consider discretionary bonuses using an average of the last two years' payments and use 50% of it in the affordability calculation. If there has been a decline in the latest year's bonus the bank may use 50% of the most recent year's bonus.

The bank can use up to 100% of the cash element for regular bonuses that are paid monthly providing there are three months of evidence and most recent P60. If the most recent P60 is unavailable NatWest can still consider this income but it will need the last six months consecutive payslips.  

Does NatWest accept foreign income?

NatWest accepts the following currencies for mortgage affordability purposes:

Great British Pound, Euro, Australian Dollar, Bulgarian Lev, Canadian Dollar, Croatian Kuna, Czech Koruna, Danish Krone, Hungarian Forint, Japanese Yen, New Zealand Dollar, Norwegian Krone, Polish Zloty, Romanian Leu, Singapore Dollar, Swedish Krona, Swiss Franc and United States Dollar.

Does NatWest provide interest-only?

NatWest has one of the better interest only policies across the larger banks and interest only is available to new and existing customers.

To qualify applicants must earn at least £75,000 not including discretionary bonuses, retained profits, additional income from second jobs, or any other income source.  For joint mortgages, at least one applicant must earn £75,000.

NatWest provides part interest-only and part capital repayment mortgages with the sale of the property as the interest-only repayment vehicle. Up to 50% of the mortgage can be on interest-only with a further 25% loan-to-value on a capital and interest repayment basis.

For residential interest-only mortgages the maximum term of 35 years reducing to 30 years if a loan is more than £500,000. 

Interest-only is available for property purchases, re-mortgages and additional borrowing plus porting. Debt consolidation has to be on a full capital repayment basis.

Is NatWest still offering mortgages to limited company directors and the self-employed?

NatWest has taken a strict stance with many self-employed borrowers so applicants running their businesses will need to provide additional information.  

For limited company directors applying for a mortgage, NatWest will take an average of their last two years' salary and dividends. Directors must own at least 20% of the company.

For self-employed applicants where there has been a reduction in profits or income from the previous year to the most recent year, NatWest may use the most recent lower figure, rather than an average of the last two years.

If you have taken government support over the last few months NatWest will assess your application more thoroughly.

Does NatWest provide mortgages on short lease properties?

There must be at least 30 years left on the lease at the end of the term although the bank may consider less for properties in central London.

Will NatWest use buy-to-let rental income to provide a larger residential mortgage?

NatWest can take surplus rental income into account for affordability purposes if it can be evidenced by two years of accounts or SA302s. The lender will take an average of the last two years' net profits.

Does NatWest provide a free property valuation?

NatWest provides a free valuation for property purchases and remortgages where the lower of the purchase price or value is less than £2 million. Only the first standard valuation is fee-free on selected products.

The property valuation is for the banks use only so we recommend that you carry out your own checks to confirm the condition of the property before completing the purchase. This includes electrical and structural surveys. 

Is NatWest still offering buy-to-let?

NatWest is still offering buy-to-let mortgages to enable landlords to purchase new investment properties, remortgage existing portfolios and release equity release from unencumbered investment houses or flats.

NatWest can use surplus personal income to boost the mortgage loan size if the rental income is not sufficient to secure a larger enough buy-to-let mortgage. In all cases, the expected rent must continue to meet a minimum rental cover calculation of 5.5% x 125%. For eligible customers earning over £75,000 the banks minimum rental cover calculation is 100% x 5.5%.

Click here to use Trinty's buy-to-let mortgage calculator.

What is NatWest's maximum mortgage loan size?

NatWest's maximum loan size is typically £10 million on its standard mortgage products. The loan is capped depending on the size of your deposit.

What is NatWest's cheapest two-year fixed rate mortgage?

NatWest for Intermediaries cheapest mortgage rate is 1.28% and it is fixed until 31 December 2022. It has a £995 arrangement fee. At the end of the fixed period, the rate reverts to the bank’s 3.59% standard variable rate, and the overall cost for comparison is 3.3% APRC representative.

This 1.28% mortgage is available for property purchases and applicants will need a 40% deposit to qualify. The rate increases slightly to 1.29% for remortgages.

Both of these mortgages are available on a capital repayment or interest-only basis.

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