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Trinity's self-employed client in The Sunday Times

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When it came to her first mortgage Harriet Bold, 35, a self-employed personal trainer and nutritionist, found that she needed all her strength. 

Harriet told Kate Palmer of The Sunday Times: “Santander wanted to know how I’d adapted my business model during the pandemic to make sure I could keep earning. I explained that i have moved my training sessions to Zoom since the pandemic forced gyms to close. She added: “My clients were initially reluctant to go online, but people have come round to it.”

Aaron Strutt, the product director at the mortgage broker Trinity Financial, was mentioned in the same article and he said: “Some self-employed people feel they’ve been unfairly treated as a lot of their mortgages are being restricted and they’ve got to jump through more hoops to get a deal.

“We can’t understand some of the restrictions, because at least self-employed people have some control over who they do business with, whereas employed people are at the mercy of the company they work for.”

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