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The Telegraph - Furloughed workers could be forced to wait months for mortgages

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Can I get a mortgage if I’m furloughed? 

The housing market may have reopened but workers who have been furloughed could face an uphill struggle to take out a mortgage. 

Adam Williams from The Telegraph writes in most instances banks will only consider a mortgage applicant’s current income, meaning their temporarily lower salary must be used. Industry experts said this could limit the amount customers are able to borrow for a home.

Some banks look at furloughed workers more favorably, for example, Barclays, HSBC and Halifax will allow customers to take out a loan based on their normal salary, as long as their employer is topping up their furlough payments.

Aaron Strutt of Trinity Financial told The Telegraph there were other options available. He said Halifax customers who are offered a smaller mortgage than expected can appeal the decision if they can prove they have savings which will cover at least three months' outgoings.

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