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Mortgage Strategy - Clydesdale rethink on interest-only criteria

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Clydesdale Bank has loosened its criteria for borrowers looking to take out an interest-only mortgage.

The lender has increased the maximum age for borrowers to 70, up from 65, as well as reducing the minimum loan size from £300,000 to £100,000.

Where borrowers are using sale of the property as their repayment vehicle, they must hold at least £300,000 in equity at the point of taking out the mortgage. Previously, borrowers were required to hold £400,000 in equity.

Trinity Financial product and communications manager Aaron Strutt says: “I think any easing of interest-only acceptance criteria is welcome at the moment because some of the lenders’ interest-only policies are particulary tough. It is definitely a positive development for borrowers that Clydesdale has taken this step.”

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