BBC News: Interest rates - Why there is more pain still to come

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A run of 14 consecutive interest rate rises has brought worry and financial pain for mortgage holders - but it has also boosted savers' bank balances.

Millions of people in the UK are both borrowers and savers (while some are one or neither), so the balance - or imbalance - between the two is important for our money.

While many people face big repayment hikes, they will not be "quite as drastic" as they have been recently, according to Aaron Strutt from broker Trinity Financial told the BBC.

"The banks and building societies have been very busy lowering their rates and there has been a considerable shift in pricing. After offering high rates for such a long period, there are now two-year fixes starting at around 4.8% and five-year fixes starting from 4.40%," he says.

"If you have selected a new mortgage rate with your existing lender or a new lender, it is well worth checking to see if the rate has come down. Most lenders allow borrowers to switch to the cheaper deals they offer a few weeks before the mortgage starts."

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