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BBC News - Mortgage costs 'getting cheaper'

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Competition among mortgage lenders has intensified, brokers say, with a greater willingness to lend to those without huge savings.

Brokers say that, in recent years, the best deals were only available to those offering a large deposit, but there were now signs of change.

The survey found that lenders were showing a greater willingness to lend to borrowers who were only able to offer a deposit of less than 10% of the property's value so far this year.

"The lenders are stepping up the fight to attract new borrowers and rates are still getting cheaper," - Aaron Strutt, of broker Trinity Financial, told the BBC.

"First-time buyers with a 5% deposit can take a fixed rate just over 4% and if they can raise a 10% deposit the rates are as low as 2.69%.

"A few years ago borrowers needed a 40% deposit to access a really good mortgage, but now rates are cheap for most new buyers.

"HSBC's latest fixed rate really takes the mortgage price war into new territory and even cheaper deals may well filter through to the market."

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